I like this because the camera seems to be combusting because its sick of taking shitty fucking photos by some posing little bitch. It seems that being a photographer is cool even if you take shitty fucking pictures of boring as fuck day to day shit. ‘Wow a cigarette on the floor, that’s so urban I better take a photo’ I fucking hate these bitches and I hate their shitty fucking photos. But hey where would all these these little bitch kids get their photos  from to post on their so called urban blogs. Bitches like this going to be in the wrong area taking shitty fucking photos and that lovely camera that their mummy n daddy got them going to be taken sold for £20 bag. Fucking pussy’s. 

I’m not saying everyone who takes photos is like this, but the majority of these people are just shit. Anyone can take a photo but to take a good photo is a art and unfortunately people do not understand this and think a expensive camera makes them good at photography.

I couldn’t agree more with this. I am sick of seeing retards on tv being worshipped yet contributing nothing of importance to society. Being smart is now frowned upon and being a fucking air head is celebrated. STUPID PEOPLE, YOU ARE HOLDING BACK THE PROGRESS OF MAN KIND! Go die or move to a island where you cant bother anyone else and let evolution take its course. Back in the day stupid people used to die because they wasn’t bright enough to survive, now they breed at a ridiculous rate making more retards. When you know more about celebrities than scientists you are a major part of what’s wrong with the world and I fucking hate you

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Bitches like this do my fucking head in. You know they type, wears fake glasses and calls them self ‘such a geek’, your not a geek your just another  ’try hard’ hoe. The girl in the pic might be a nice person and I may be wrong but I reckon she’s as deep as a puddle of ant piss. Girls if you need glasses wear them but if you don’t and its not fancy dress stay away from them or at least act your age. I love fashion but I absolutely hate try hard scene fags and bitches. 

I think I am definitely getting one of these books, so many people. 

Heres just a few:

Any fucking cunt who uses the word ‘Swag’

Any fucking cunt who uses the word ‘YOLO’

Cunts that always need to be photographed with weed (You know the skinny faggy types)

Reality TV people

Nicki Minaj, horrid vile bitch, she needs a kick in the cunt too    

Rick Ross, he stole his persona and the guys a fucking fat fake cunt.

Anyone in Politics, they’re all full of shit

Any cunt wanting to borrow 23p for the bus, get a job you fucking bum            

Any member of You me at six                                                                          

Faggy mutha fuckers who get covered in shit tattoos then become cool      

Majority of ‘tumblr cool’ people, you know, the gimp fuckers who have 1000000 followers but are hated in real life

 People who call themselves photographers but actually just take really fucking shitty photos of boring shit

The list goes on and on and on and I think I’m going compile a list and post it out.                                                         

To all you Zombie fans out there, why the fuck hasn’t anyone come up with this idea in a zombie film? A suit of fucking armour! What mutha fucker going to bite through this. I bet you could even walk to Tesco in a zombie apocolyps and do your weekly shop in this bitch

I'm liking the anger Sir.

Thanks, it prevents me from going full retard

Actually heard someone say ‘swag’ today.. What a fucking cunt.

This is a mean car, over the top styling just makes motors look shit. Keep is simple and classy and that’s the trick to making a badman car. After seeing this I definitely think it might be a Audi for the next car

This is fucking ace. The only animal that looks like its a person in a costume, even the baby panda looks like a midget in a costume. Pandas are awesome. Don’t have a bad word to say about them except the male pandas need to stop being scared of pussy and reproduce the endangered fucks

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Its not a doll! Its a action figure!!! Yes this is cool as fuck.

If you’re over 10 and ride a micro scooter your a bell end, FACT. You are as much as a queef as the middle age men in suits using them to go to the office. Just because you can do a few tricks doesn’t mean its not the bent-est thing ever. Grow up and grow a pair

If you ever wanted to show that your a tit, wear this jumper. It literally screams ‘please look at me, I like weed, I’m cool, please like me, pleasssee, I’m bad, I’m a rebel, accept meeeee’

These are pretty sweet

If you wear these sort of caps I automatically assume your a spoiled little bitch. It may be just the region that I live in that caused me to think this because the only people I ever see wearing these are skinny little posers who take more pictures of themselves pretending to do shit than actually doing shit. Sorry if your a exception to that but you still look a tit.